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A journey in exquisite taste
– Factory Tours

An unforgettable trip transporting your senses from the sun-drenched cocoa plantations to the aroma of chocolate that envelops you while you take this exciting and extraordinary journey. For the first time Amedei has decided to open its doors to small groups of visitors. Those that want to share this thrilling journey can immerse themselves in a magical atmosphere, discover the path that chocolate takes from the cocoa bean to the fruition of the Amedei creations, and taste the chocolates and pralines.
The tours will allow you to follow the various processes of chocolate making, by means of an explanatory video and chocolate tasting, as you walk through the whole production process (from the beans to the grains of cocoa and from the refinement of the mixture right through to conching or processing of the chocolate). Finally there is an opportunity for you to learn the art of chocolate tasting.
The group will be preferably composed of at least four people and must not exceed ten. There are three possible tours, respectively of the duration of one hour and a half, two hours and three hours. The latter also includes a visit to some of the production departments.
Indulge yourselves in chocolate like never before!

The tours can be booked from Monday to Friday
from 9.30 am until 15.30 pm.

  • Delicatezza

    1.30 H


    We will tell you more about the working processes of our chocolate, and we will offer you the opportunity to savor it along its production process, starting from the freshly roasted cocoa nibs. The tasting includes different chocolates chosen for you by Cecilia Tessieri, among which you will find the excellent "9", that has been rewarded by the London Academy of Chocolate.

  • Emozione

    2.00 H


    An emotional journey will lead you to discover the aromas and flavors of our chocolate. The illustration of the different processing steps will be accompanied from the tasting of fine cocoa; by freshly roasted beans to the flaked chocolate. We welcome you with a delicious hot/cold chocolate cup, which will be prepared specifically for you, and then the tasting tour continues with the specialties chosen by Cecilia Tessieri, maître chocolatier. You will also taste Blanco de Criollo, winner of the Golden Bean in 2013, and the velvety Tuscan Creme Amedei. "

  • Infinito

    3.00 H


    During this long journey, we will tell you the story of our chocolate through both illustrations and a guided tour, during which it will be possible to see some of the production departments. You will taste the chocolate throughout the different steps of production, from the freshly roasted cocoa beans to the final product. Among the various chocolates that we offer, are included Amedei’s excellences as the prestigious Blanco de Criollo, "9" and Porcelana. “Creama Toscana” spreads, chocolate in hot/cold cup and delicious Praline will make this tour a unique experience.