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– Uniqueness, knowledge
and experimentation:
The worth of Amedei

Quality without compromises.


In 1990, thanks also to the support of the whole family, including her maternal grandmother, whose surname was indeed Amedei, Cecilia Tessieri decided to dedicate herself to an extraordinary adventure, which let her discover all of the precious secrets of chocolate. Her business began making pralines in a small workshop of only 45 square meters with just one employee but the perfection was still far away. “The chocolate was purchased elsewhere, that means what I produced was not completely made by me” as Cecilia Tessieri recalls now. For that reason, she decided to begin exploring far countries, looking for unique cocoa, where people cultivate cocoa varieties, which have maintained the aromatic character of their territory.

Since that time, Amedei has discovered and developed far plantations, where the finest, rarest and aromatic cocoa beans grow up, which Amedei turns into unique creations. In the meantime, Cecilia became maitre chocolatier after a long apprenticeship in France, Belgium and Germany. All around Europe, Amedei found ancient machineries, some dated end 19th century and some other dated after the First World War. Those ancient machineries perfectly work with the new modern ones. In the factory, innovative processes and researches are tested, blending cocoa with know-how to create a new way of manufacturing chocolate.

After seven years of hard work and devotion, the first chocolate bars carrying the brand "Amedei" were available to consumers in 1998 turning Amedei’s dream into reality.