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Amedei e Brunello Cucinelli


Amedei and Brunello Cucinelli together, last week, during the event dedicated to Italian excellences at the BELLAVITA mall in Taipei 

Amazing experiences


Thanks to chef Roberto Cortez for creating, with Amedei products, real and amazing experiences.

In The Ritz London..


In The Ritz London, 5 Star hotel in Piccadilly, the team of chefs and pastry chefs have created a delicious dessert with Amedei chocolate, orange and speculoos.
A true masterpiece! 

Any plans for the weekend?


Any plans for the weekend?
From 14 to 16 July Amedei chocolate will take centre stage in Milan, with a 3-day tasting at LaRinascente!
Don´t miss it! 

Amedei supports Opera


From today until July 16th the Turandot, Giacomo Puccini´s final and grandest opera, will enchant the audience of the Royal Opera House. An exceptional production, also thanks to the striking staging by director Andrei Serban, of which Amedei is an official sponsor.

Independence Day


 Happy 4th of July America!