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Amedei Tasting at La Rinscente - Milan


Amedei waits for you today, tomorrow and Sunday for a delicious double chocolate tasting at La Rinascente in Milan, from 11 am.
Don’t miss the occasion to enjoy our Crema Toscana spread and our Blanco de Criollo dark chocolate bar!

Toscano Black dessert


Amedei Toscano Black ice cream on top of a velvety chantilly, with puffed sorghum, black currant, and a burnt honey ganache. Made by Chef Alexa Norlin

Happy Mother´s day


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Chocochocolate Sweden said," Chocolate i made with Amedei Chocolate, one of my favourite 😍"
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Amedei at Appellation Chicago


Join us for dinner on Thursday, May 4th, at Appellation Wine Bar & Restaurant in Chicago for a chance to indulge in perfectly paired flights of wine with artisan Italian chocolate from Amedei Tuscany. Aaron Flamini from Amedei will be there to chat with guests who order the flight about this exceptional handmade chocolate.