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The world’s first Amedei Store opened in New York this week with great success. New York press, food writers and friends of Amedei attended the launch party on Wednesday steps away from bustling Union Square at the new store’s event space, which will play host to monthly Amedei chocolate tasting events. This unprecedented step in the international development of Amedei has been made possible through a partnership with Pepi Di Giacomo, for whom bringing Amedei to the U.S. has long been a passion project.

Cecilia Tessieri spent the week in New York to meet the press said: "I am very excited and happy, Amedei Store is for me a great satisfaction from a professional point of view and also a dream that comes true and I would like to thank all those who invested enthusiasm and strength to get where we are today. I received a wonderful welcome here in America and I noticed there was much expectation and attention on our products."
Amedei Store 15 East 18th Street , New York 10003 www.amedeistore.com